How to Enjoy Extended Stay Hotels Houston

Vacations and business trips can be indefinite when it comes to days and hours. Extended hotel stays may get a little bit more costly. But if you will choose to stay at Reside Houston, you can save a lot of money. Our company also offer budget-friendly suites that you can use for your extended stay. We offer great savings from our rates so you can spare your budget for more important needs. Let us help you maximize your extended stay with our community pool, fitness center, and shuttle service. We offer more space that will surely make you feel at your own home. 
We guarantee you that we can accommodate all your needs with our spacious rooms. All you have to do is to choose our hotel accommodation. We will make you feel a lot more comfortable and relaxed in our suites. Just let us know if you need more.

We actually offer 3 various layouts which range from 719-1200square feet.All our units are actually designed with patio, dining and living room, bedroom, bathroom as well as kitchen. You don’t just enjoy your extended stay in our hotels but you can also take advantage of our exclusive amenities. We guarantee you comfortable stay all throughout your vacation. You are also entitled to use our community facilities for more memorable experience. Our luxury amenities will define your satisfaction at Reside Houston. With affordable rates, you can relax even more while feeling at home all the while.

We provide you a better experience while keeping the cost low. We will create a familiar environment so that you will feel like you are in your own home.